Name: Virgilio

Alternate Names:

Source: classical

Nature: historical

Gender: male

Birth Date: 70 BCE

Death Date: 19 BCE

Description: In the Comedy, the eminent Latin poet Virgil acquires a second life. Author of the Aeneid and the master of poetry revered by Dante and the entire Middle Ages, Virgil materializes out of nowhere to become Dante's guide through Inferno and most of Purgatory. Dante honors Virgil as the glory and light of other poets. The German scholar Curtius remarked: "The awakening of Virgil by Dante is an arc of flame which leaps forth from one great soul to another."

Associated Locations:


Ademollo, Luigi

Ademollo, Minos Ademollo, Paolo and Francesca Ademollo, Ugolino and Ruggieri

Birk, Sandow

Birk, Cocytus Birk, Paolo and Francesca

Botticelli, Sandro

Botticelli, Ascent to Avaricious Botticelli, Ascent to Slothful Botticelli, Ascent to wrathful Botticelli, Barrators Botticelli, Barrators Botticelli, Bas reliefs Botticelli, Casella Botticelli, Chariot Botticelli, Dis Botticelli, Dis Botticelli, Diviners Botticelli, Dream of Eagle Botticelli, Envious Botticelli, Envious Botticelli, Excommunicates Botticelli, Falsifiers Botticelli, Fraudulent counselors Botticelli, Fraudulent counselors Botticelli, Giants Botticelli, Gluttons Botticelli, Heretics Botticelli, Hugh Capet Botticelli, Hypocrites Botticelli, Island plain Botticelli, Late penitents Botticelli. Late penitents Botticelli, Lustful Botticelli, Matelda Botticelli, Mountain ascent Botticelli, Negligent rulers Botticelli, Panderers, Flatterers Botticelli, Passage through flames Botticelli, Penance of Gluttons Botticelli, Pride punished Botticelli, Procession Botticelli, Proud punished Botticelli, Satan Botticelli, Schismatics Botticelli, Simonists Botticelli, Slothful Botticelli, Sodomites Botticelli, Sodomites, Usurers Botticelli, Statius Botticelli, Strange Tree Botticelli, Suicides Botticelli, Terrace of Lustful Botticelli, Thieves Botticelli, Thieves Botticelli, Three Beasts Botticelli, Traitors Botticelli, Usurers, Geryon Botticelli, Wrathful

De’ Macchiavelli, Filippo

De' Macchiavelli, Paolo and Francesca De' Macchiavelli, Ugolino and Ruggieri

Doré, Gustave

Doré, Anastasius' tomb Doré, Angel of Peace Doré, Arachne Doré, Arrival of souls Doré, Ascent of stairs Doré, Avaricious and Prodigal Doré, Band of souls Doré, Beatrice Doré, Bertran de Born Doré, Bertran de Born Doré, Bocca degli Abati Doré, Brunetto Doré, Caiaphas Doré, Cato Dore, Celestial Helmsman Doré, Celestial messenger Doré, Centaurs Doré, Cerberus Doré, Dante's swoon Doré, Dark Wood Doré, Dark Wood Doré, Door of Purgatory Doré, Envious Doré, Evening Doré, Exit from Hell Doré, False Counselors Dore, Falsifiers Doré, Farinata Doré, Farinata Doré, Fighting devils Doré, Furies Doré, Gate of Hell Doré, Geryon Doré, Gluttons Doré, Gluttons Doré, Harpies Doré, Heavens Doré, La Pia Doré, Late penitents Doré, Late penitents Doré, Late penitents Doré, Lethe Doré, Lustful Doré, Lustful Doré, Malebranche Doré, Malebranche Doré, Marco Lombardo Doré, Matelda Doré, Minotaur Doré, Mountain ascent Doré, Myhrra Doré, Negligent rulers Doré, Nicholas III Doré, Outskirts of Dis Doré, Pier della Vigna Doré, Plutus Doré, Poets in Limbo Doré, Proud Doré, Punishment of Lustful Doré, Sapìa Doré, Serpent Doré, Shewolf Doré, Sordello Doré, Stars Doré, Strange Tree Doré, Styx Doré, Terrace of Wrathful Doré, Trajan Doré, Ugolino Doré, Violent Doré, Wrathful Doré, Wrathful

Flaxman, John

Flaxman, Anastasius's Tomb Flaxman, Angel of Church Flaxman, Angel of mercy Flaxman, Angel of Peace Flaxman, Antaeus Flaxman, Avaricious Flaxman, Brunetto Flaxman, bullrush Flaxman, Cato Flaxman, Celestial helmsman Flaxman, Centaurs Flaxman, Dante and souls Flaxman, Dante and Virgil Flaxman, Dante's swoon Flaxman, Envious Flaxman, Exit from Hell Flaxman, Falsifiers Flaxman, Farinata Flaxman, Flatterers Flaxman, Geryon Flaxman, Gluttons' Tree Flaxman, Plutus Flaxman, Simonists Flaxman, Sleeping poets Flaxman, Slothful Flaxman, Sodomites Flaxman, Sordello Flaxman, Statius, Dante, Virgil Flaxman, St. John Flaxman, Suicides Flaxman, Terrace of Wrath Flaxman, Virgil and Beatrice Flaxman, Voices of love

Genelli, Bonaventura

Genelli, Paolo and Francesca

Giacomelli, Sophie Janinet

Giacomelli, Dante's swoon

Giovanni di Paolo

Yates Thompson 36, Cacciaguida

Gozzini, Gianfranco

Gozzini, Paolo and Francesca

Pinelli, Bartolomeo

Pinelli, Dante's swoon Pinelli, Minos

Priamo della Quercia

Yates Thompson 36, 3 Beasts Yates Thompson 36, Avaricious Yates Thompson 36, Barrators Yates Thompson 36, Barrators Yates Thompson 36, Charon Yates Thompson 36, Diviners Yates Thompson 36, Falsifiers Yates Thompson 36, Geryon Yates Thompson 36, Gluttons Yates Thompson 36, Inf.1 Yates Thompson 36, Leah Yates Thompson 36, Limbo Yates Thompson 36, Lustful Yates Thompson 36, Minos Yates Thompson 36, Proud Yates Thompson 36, Purg.1 Yates Thompson 36, Satan Yates Thompson 36, Schismatics Yates Thompson 36, Simonists Yates Thompson 36, Siren Yates Thompson 36, Suicides Yates Thompson 36, Traitors Yates Thompson 36, Ugolino Yates Thompson 36, Wrathful

Rossetti, Dante Gabriele

Rossetti, Paolo and Francesca

Vellutello, Alessandro (commissioner)

Vellutello, Arrival of saved Vellutello, Avaricious Vellutello, Avaricious and Prodigal Vellutello, Barrators Vellutello, Cocytus Vellutello, Dis, Heretics Vellutello, Diviners Vellutello, Envious Vellutello, Falsifiers Vellutello, Gate of Hell Vellutello, Geryon Vellutello, Giants Vellutello, Giants Vellutello, Gluttons Vellutello, Gluttons Vellutello, Hypocrites Vellutello, Hypocrites Vellutello, Late-penitents Vellutello, Lethe Vellutello, Lustful Vellutello, Lustful Vellutello, Pride punished Vellutello, Purgatory shore Vellutello, Satan Vellutello, Schismatics Vellutello, Seventh circle Vellutello, Suicides Vellutello, Terrace of Pride Vellutello, Three Beasts Vellutello, Valley of Princes Vellutello, Wrathful Vellutello, Wrathful
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