Name: Ugolino della Gherardesca

Nature: historical

Political Affiliation: Ghibelline

Gender: male

Death Date: 1289

Description: Powerful nobleman from an elite Ghibelline family, Ugolino became the leader of the Guelf government of Pisa in the 1280s. He ceded some of Pisa's castles to Florence and Lucca in order to avoid a war, an action later seen as treason. In 1288 the Ghibelline Archbishop Ruggieri of Pisa took over the government. Overturning earlier agreements, he imprisoned Ugolino with two sons and two grandsons in a tower where they were kept for several months until the door was nailed up, and they were left to starve to death.

Associated Locations:


Ademollo, Luigi

Ademollo, Ugolino Ademollo, Ugolino and Ruggieri Ademollo, Ugolino and sons Ademollo, Ugolino's despair

Carpeaux, Jean-Baptiste

Carpeaux, Ugolino

De’ Macchiavelli, Filippo

De' Macchiavelli, Ugolino and Ruggieri

Doré, Gustave

Doré, Ugolino Doré, Ugolino Doré, Ugolino's Despair

Flaxman, John

Flaxman, Ruggieri and Ugolino Flaxman, Ugolino

Genelli, Bonaventura

Genelli, Ugolino

Giacomelli, Sophie Janinet

Giacomelli, Ugolino

Pinelli, Bartolomeo

Pinelli, Death of Ugolino Pinelli, Ugolino's capture Pinelli, Ugolino's despair

Priamo della Quercia

Yates Thompson 36, Traitors

Rodin, Auguste

Rodin, Ugolino Rodin, Ugolino Rodin, Ugolino

Stürler, Adolf von.

Stürler, Ugolino
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