Name: Francesca da Rimini

Nature: historical

Gender: female

Description: Noblewoman who was the wife of Gianciotto Malatesta, Lord of Rimini. After discovering his wife's affair with his brother Paolo, Gianciotto killed both of them.

Associated Location: Rimini


Ademollo, Luigi

Ademollo, Paolo and Francesca

Birk, Sandow

Birk, Paolo and Francesca

De’ Macchiavelli, Filippo

De' Macchiavelli, Paolo and Francesca

Doré, Gustave

Doré, Dante's swoon Doré, Paolo and Francesca

Flaxman, John

Flaxman, Dante's swoon Flaxman, Paolo and Francesca

Genelli, Bonaventura

Genelli, Francesca before Minos Genelli, Paolo and Francesca Genelli, Reading Lancelot

Giacomelli, Sophie Janinet

Giacomelli, Dante's swoon

Gozzini, Gianfranco

Gozzini, Paolo and Francesca Gozzini, Paolo kisses Francesca

Ingres, Jean-Auguste-Dominique

Ingres, Paolo and Francesca

Pinelli, Bartolomeo

Pinella, Gianciotto Pinelli, Dante's swoon

Priamo della Quercia

Yates Thompson 36, Lustful

Rossetti, Dante Gabriele

Rossetti, Paolo and Francesca

Scheffer, Ary

Scheffer, Paolo and Francesca

Stürler, Adolf von.

Stürler, Minos Stürler, Paolo and Francesca

Vellutello, Alessandro (commissioner)

Vellutello, Lustful
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