Geographic Location

Name: Malebolge

Alternate Name: Malebolgia

Nature: mythical

Description: Term Dante employs to designate the 8th Circle. Male means "evil" and "bolge" pouches or purse in Tuscan dialect.


Botticelli, Sandro

Botticelli, Barrators Botticelli, Diviners Botticelli, Falsifiers Botticelli, Fraudulent counselors Botticelli, Fraudulent counselors Botticelli, Giants Botticelli, Hypocrites Botticelli, Panderers, Flatterers Botticelli, Schismatics Botticelli, Simonists Botticelli, Thieves Botticelli, Thieves

Doré, Gustave

Doré, Alichino Doré, Bertran de Born Doré, Bertran de Born Doré, Caiaphas Doré, False Counselors Dore, Falsifiers Doré, Fighting devils Doré, Malebranche Doré, Malebranche Doré, Nicholas III Doré, Thieves

Vellutello, Alessandro (commissioner)

Vellutello, Barrators Vellutello, Diviners Vellutello, Falsifiers Vellutello, Geryon Vellutello, Giants Vellutello, Hypocrites Vellutello, Hypocrites Vellutello, Malebranche Vellutello, Schismatics Vellutello, Simonists