Name: Gerione

Alternate Names:

Source: classical

Nature: mythical

Gender: male

Description: In Greek myth Geryon was a three-bodied giant who was slain by Hercules. Dante's Geryon is a monstrous composite creature with the face of a just man, a reptilian body, hairy paws, and a scorpion's tail--the embodiment of Fraud.


Botticelli, Sandro

Botticelli, Usurers, Geryon

Doré, Gustave

Doré, Geryon Doré, Geryon

Flaxman, John

Flaxman, Geryon

Priamo della Quercia

Yates Thompson 36, Geryon

Vellutello, Alessandro (commissioner)

Vellutello, Geryon Vellutello, Seventh circle