Name: diavoli

Alternate Name: devils

Source: biblical

Nature: mythical

Gender: male

Description: Devils in the Comedy are figured as fallen angels who fell from Heaven along with the expulsion of Satan and tormentors of the damned.


Botticelli, Sandro

Botticelli, Barrators Botticelli, Barrators Botticelli, Dis Botticelli, Dis Botticelli, Heretics Botticelli, Panderers, Flatterers Botticelli, Schismatics

Doré, Gustave

Doré, Celestial messenger Doré, Minos Doré, Schismatics

Flaxman, John

Flaxman, Bonconte Flaxman, Devils Flaxman, Devils and Barrator

Giovanni di Paolo

Yates Thompson 36, Rebel Angels

Priamo della Quercia

Yates Thompson 36, Barrators